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Bavarian Sweet Sauerkraut 16 oz. 4 Pack

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Schroll's Best Buy Deal, the 16 ounce 4 Pack.

Looking for that special taste to compliment your meals? Schroll's Bavarian Sweet Sauerkrauts exceptional full flavor and texture provides a delightful enhancement to any meal. Outstanding addition to pork, beff, chicken or fish dishes, a superb addition to Reuben or turkey sandwiches, Hot dogs, hamburgers and bratwurst. Mix-in with potato and vegetables or serve as a side dish. Everthing taste better with Schroll's Bavarian Sweet Sauerkraut. Even if you don't like sauerkraut you will enjoy Schroll's Bavarian Sweet Sauerkraut.

         Warning: Once you taste Schroll's Bavaian Sweet Sauerkraut you'll want more.

                            Because: "It's Not Jusy Sauerkraut"